About us

Smells like Success is a blog founded by Kevin Corvin in 2021 to write down all the knowledge he has gained during the process of creating multiple business ideas until finding the one that actually met his requirements. This blog is the final conclusion of 10 years of trying on a hobby base, building new businesses to become one day independent from the usual 9to5 job.

What we provide

Knowledge… A lot of it.

10 years of experience in various innovative or state of the art online-businesses. Sure, most of them have been sold, consolidated before going to the market or some were successful but not what he was looking for.

Smell like Success… For us, this means: Be independent from a 9to5 job you don’t actually want to do. Be flexible at working hours. If you are not creative enough at 9 am there is no reason to start working then.

For us, smelling like success means clearly that we do what we love, at a time a day that is convenient to us and we are free to skip if something more interesting is happening. 

Time is the only currency that can’t inflate!

You can have “enough” or far too less time, but not too much!

Why we provide that

Because we think that our knowledge can help you in avoiding mistakes. It can also help you do more of the things that work best for you.

We think that financial independence is one of the most beneficial goals for everyone. Thats why we help each other achieving it!

To be clear. Yes, we provide the content also to earn money. But that’s not the first priority. We can’t be independent when our visitors just visit us once. We want to provide valuable content to our visitors! We want you to read our content. If you click links and pay money for awesome services, that’s awesome sure, but not our main target.

We think, knowledge should be free but appreciated!

Such a huge amount of knowledge needs to be written down in a proper way to be not lost one day! 

In theory if you read every post in this blog, you learn everything we learned over the past ten years about these topics in just a few hours! That’s why we want to file this here! 

How we provide that

Our knowledge is completely free available in our blog. 

We try to be as accurate as possible but still, in the end, it is your own decision if you follow our guides, posts, etc.

We also try to be as clear as possible in our posts that you don’t have to read hours of nonsense.

In our posts there are often affiliate links attached. Thanks to them, we can leave this blog online and fill it with content.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or something you really want to talk to us, feel free to send us an well written email to info (at) smells-like-success.com

Now you know all about us, so let’s start Smelling like Success!

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