Learn here how to Stop Trying to Rank for High Competitive Keywords

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Learn with this guide where and how you can find keywords that are easy to rank for. The so called low competitive keywords. A variant of them is also known as long tail keywords. 

What you learn in this guide:

  • How to find low competitive keywords to boost your ranking
  • Where to look for these keywords and find out about the power of long tail keywords
  • Asking the right questions when looking for keywords

You need the 10 days free trial or a subscription of Mangools KW Finder to reproduce what you see in this guide.

What are low competitive keywords?

Imagine you are the one, not knowing your website and try to find it with Google. But keep in mind, you don’t know your own website at this moment. What would you type into Google to find your website that is solving a problem?

Do you think people typing “Affiliate Marketing” into Google should/will find me?

Exactly, they shouldn’t.

“Affiliate Marketing” is not an issue they want to solve and therefore my website will not give them what they want.

Should they find me by typing “how to learn affiliate marketing”? 

Yes, definitely!

What do you think? Are there more people talking about affiliate marketing or more people trying to teach someone in their strategies?

So, the long tail, low competitive keyword “how to learn affiliate marketing” is much more of interest for me even while it does not get searched as often as “affiliate marketing”, it is an issue they want to solve with my website.

In the meantime it’s a keyword that has fewer people trying to rank for and therefore the competition is lower and it will be easier for me to rank for it and get a good amount of traffic from it as my website will be ranked higher as others.

Where and how to find them?

The “where” question is easy answered… Here you can find them.

The “how” question is a bit more complex but still quite easy to solve if you follow my recommendation now. It all depends on the questions you ask. Read the next topic too, to understand how to ask the right questions.

With the KW Finder tool mentioned above you will be able to find low competitive keywords if you ask the right questions.

Always keep in mind what I said in the previous part above, that you should focus on the specific issues your potential visitors have.

Once you are on the search panel from KW Finder, try try and try. Type as many keywords as you need. But try the best you could think of first, because the trial only offers a few searches a day.

BTW: If you already have a list of keywords that you want to check for the competition level, use the import function!

The KD indicator shows you the current difficulty to rank organically for this particular keyword and is the indicator you should set your focus on. 

Again, a 400k search volume generic keyword with a KD of 60+ will not be easy to rank, it is more likely that you get actually MORE visitors from a 2k search volume KD 25 keyword! I know, this sounds weird but that’s the reality!

Another big friend will be the filter! A very mighty but close to invisible tool! Use it!

Search volume: from 500

KD index: up to 29

You will find far less suggestions! But you’ll get the better ones! 

The Filter

The Results

How to ask the “right” questions?

For finding the best keywords for your business, you need to know exactly what your customers are asking!

Type an already specific keyword into the KW Finder and see the suggestions. I made the experience that the suggestions are mostly to the target and sometimes even better as I could have thought of.

If you are at a very early stage of your business I truly recommend the mid tier subscription from Mangools SEO Toolkit to get the full possible keyword suggestion list of about 700 keywords per search. To find good ideas, this is by far the best possibility!

Ask the KW Finder what your visitors/customers really would ask Google to find your site. Or better said, what would YOU type to Google to find your website? But here is the most important note! These people (unlike you) DO NOT know your website! 

I know how it is and that’s why I make it that clear here…

You might think it’s obvious what they would type but that’s because you know what you’ve written on your page. 

Completely delete your website from your brain and type your search again. I bet it will be different 🙂

For me, this changed everything! immediately I found out how to search keywords and together with the filter in the search function I was able to find far less keywords but they were a perfect fit in the topic AND the search volume AND the keyword difficulty!

You want to start now?

Now you know exactly where you can find low competitive, long tail keywords to boost your ranking on Google to a completely new level! Let’s do it now!

With the free 10 days trial of Mangools KW Finder you can start now!

Want to learn more about this tool?

If you liked my guide and you want to know more about this tool, just head out to the post for this tool.

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