Rank Easy in Google’s Search Results with Low Competition Keywords

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Learn why you should focus on low competition keywords

Learn here why you should stop trying to rank for high competitive keywords and prefer low competition keywords to rank even faster and better!

Low search volumes not always mean low traffic!

If you build an online business there will be the day you have to think about SEO, keywords, Google ranking and all this stuff.

If you are like me, this part is the one with the highest effort requested. You might probably don’t like it…

When I came across SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I was overwhelmed and I saw that there is a huge industry specialized to SEO but also a lot of how to guides online. So it is obvious that this is something that I can do by myself instead of paying someone to do.

I wanted to find keywords, no matter how difficult they are to rank in. I had a clear vision of a keyword list that would fit my pages.

Well, to rank in high competitive keywords with a new business is far away from realistic. 

So I had to find a solution for this. 

How I solved my issue

The issue

In my early days of creating my website I thought about keywords that would fit perfectly but were very hard to rank in due to high competition. I implemented them anyhow and what a surprise, it was close to impossible to rank on the few first search result pages. 

The solution

While working a few more hours more as usual in the keyword finder, I found some keywords with around 1000 search volume per month that are easy or moderate to rank for. Therefore I completely changed the strategy and implemented a lot of low competitive keywords.

Sure, I went down from a potential search volume of about 100k to 10k but the probability to rank higher with the new keywords was significantly higher.

So where’s the benefit of having 100k potential visitors that have to go to page ten of Google’s search results to find you while you could have 10k that will find you in the first 3 pages?

Exactly, the 10k are more valuable!

Niches of niches

If you try to rank in a niche that already has a lot of competition, think about the exact niche in the niche your customers might come from.

If you sell vegan leather shoes, you might be in a niche of a niche. The niche is clothing. The niche below is vegan clothing. Even more specific the vegan shoe buyer niche. If you try to rank for “shoes” you will get ranked far away from page one. But if you try to rank for vegan leather shoes, you might rank in the first few pages immediately and get actually visitors even while there are just 100 searches a month. This way you still get more traffic as with the keyword “shoes”.

Being specific is not limiting you, it gives you exactly the customer you want to get!

A good mix of specific and broad keywords (no I don’t mean “shoes”) can give you even more value over time!

So, why to look for low competition keywords?

The KW Finder from Mangools can help you find low competitive keywords that will help you to rank higher in the search results.

Let me give you an example:

“Affiliate Marketing” and “how to start affiliate marketing” are 2 keywords my websites should rank for.

While “affiliate marketing” has hundreds of thousands in search volume, the other keyword has far less!

But because “affiliate marketing” has massively more competition, it is much easier to rank for “how to start affiliate marketing”. It is also known as a long tail keyword because it is very specific. But because it is easier to rank in that keyword and my content is related to this keyword, it is easier to focus on that one and actually rank for it at all. 

This drives traffic to my website while the other keyword does not as I am ranking somewhere on page 10 or above (not actual data). So even while I focus on a keyword that drives far less traffic to my site. It’s still far more than I would get with “affiliate marketing”. So it is literally more worth to me! Start low, grow big is here the key!

learn more about the difference of high competitive and low competitive keywords.
Understand the difference between a good keyword and a bad one!

Low competition keywords – means easy to rank!

  • 10k potential visitors can be more worth than 100k… It all depends on the keyword difficulty
  • Get faster a higher ranking as with high competition keywords
  • Place your business in a niche of a niche to get seen

Rank better now?

Now you know why it is a waste of time trying to rank for highly competitive keywords. Even if they would have nice search volumes you will rank better and get more traffic from less competitive ones. 

Now it’s time to find out how you can actually find them. With one of the most affordable SEO tools out there!

Read my guide on how to actually find the low competitive keywords in Mangools KW Finder.

PS: Make sure you have the 10 days trial first as you need Mangools KW Finder to follow this guide.

Want to learn more about this tool and low competition keywords?

If you liked my guide and you want to know more about this tool, just head out to our post here.

Find out more about tools that could boost your income!


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