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Smell like…

To smell like success one day, I really recommend to use the most affordable SEO package for optimizing and tracking your growing success. 

It does not make sense to have the best page, post or whatever but you actually do not track the progress it makes. How on earth do you know that people actually love your content if you don’t know where your content is back-linked? That is just one example! 

Best pagerank checker, backlink watcher and keyword search tool 

With this pagerank checker, SEO tool package from Mangools, it does not matter if you just start your blog or you already have a running website. With this tool you can search for low competitive keywords. Additionally track your rank to get an understanding where you are in your journey. Track competitor keywords to outrank them. This is the most affordable SEO package in relation to the features! 

If you look for SEO tools that have the same functions as others, but in a very nice user interface, for a lower price, our partner’s tool is the best choice!


This review is made to compare Mangools SEO tools against competitors like SEMrush.

The main tool of this SEO Toolbox is the KW Finder. In fact this is also a Mangools review. As I am using all of the included tools from their best SEO audit tool package.

You might have looked for the best SERP tracking tool. That’s exactly what this SEO Toolbox can provide to you!

As a result of testing all SEMrush alternatives, I found out that, this is by far the most affordable SEO package (in relation to the features) I have seen so far!

It offers, in my opinion, the best price/value ratio.

Get started with the SERP monitor and start tracking or checking your Google ranking today with the free 10 days trial!

How did this affordable SEO Package toolbox solved my issues?

In this section I’ve added various posts that explain how the tool helped me to solve specific problems. Also how it will help you to do the same. Each one opens in a new tab that you can go on reading here and there.

Keyword Searching

You don’t need the expensive SEMrush or their other competitors to do this. This affordable SEO toolbox can do the same for less in a better way!

Each keyword and suggestion in KW Finder has an indicator that tells you how easy it will be to rank for this keyword in an organic way, the so called SERP difficulty monitor. 

The higher the number the more difficult will it be. So the keyword difficulty is a very useful thing you should consider if you try to rank for something particular. 

It helps you also to remove the difficult ones from your list and add more of the easy ones! I did this after some months of being online and only because of these changes I had much more organic traffic as before. Not instant, but I was able to see a grow in time due to these changes!

If you look for low competitive keywords with high volumes you will have an easy time ranking in Google for those. The hard part is to find them and that’s exactly where I used this tool successfully!

Keyword SERP monitor

Find keywords you would like to rank in and let the SERP monitor run over them. What you get is the KD indicator, the keyword difficulty. The lower this value, the easier to get ranked organically in it! Go ahead and build your list of low competitive but highly searched keywords 10 days for free!

Track your rank

To aim for the first position at Google or even the first page is a very challenging thing. if done wrong…. But you are clever enough to listen to me and don’t do it wrong!

With the rank tracker it is very easy to see if you actually rank for any keyword. If that keyword is one with very low search volume, it might be the time to look for better ones with the same difficulty but much more search volume…

Click the link below to see the video to the SERP Watcher or to check your ranking for free!

Mangools – Ranking Watcher

SEO metrics Audit

Track your domain and get helpful metrics on how you perform. get backlink insights, authority measures, competitor information and a lot more! this is just one of the various parts of this SEO tool package!

Check the SEO authority of your domain now for free!

Mangools – SEO Profiler

Backlink watch and much more

With this SEO tool you have everything in your hands to find exactly the keywords you want to rank in. You can check the difficulty of other keywords. You can see the CPC and PPC difficulty, track your website for ranking and backlink management. 

And after the trial you get the whole SEO tools in one package. For the price of a few cups of coffee a month!

This makes it one of the most affordable SEO packages!

What can I expect from this pro keyword researcher?

  • Find low competitive keywords to rank in
  • Analyse your competitors keywords
  • Track your own domain’s ranking and see how you evolve
  • Check your websites SEO health by getting useful metrics
  • watch your backlinks, track them and work with them

All of this and even more, you can get with Mangools SEO Toolbox

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