Why Automated Newsletters are better than “Normal” Ones

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There is a huge difference between a usual newsletter and a targeted marketing with an automated newsletter!

Learn here what is the difference and why you should definitely consider the automated way, no matter who’s your target audience!

Forget “usual” newsletters!

Newsletters are a very good way to provide valuable content to your audience as they already opted in to your list, their interest in your content is proven. 

In my early days I was building a simple, usual newsletter to send content to my subscribers. 

As you already might know, I am sending out how to guides, courses and other stuff that needs a streamlined timeline. I can’t just send out part 3 of 4 to a new subscriber just because the date of other parts was in the past. For a few weeks I was doing all this manually! If you look for an “how to create a newsletter guide”, doing it manually is not the way I suggest!

The turn

In theory I was doing affiliate marketing without a website. Sending out parts of information with a link that makes no sense without context.

After a few weeks I decided to change my behavior and typed “automate newsletter” into Google.

While filtering out all the “make money from affiliate marketing” blogs, I found one very interesting hit.

It was about how to start affiliate marketing without website. Not the target I was looking for but there was a tool mentioned I’ve already heard of a few times while scrolling through the search results.

ActiveCampaign seemed to be the best tool to solve my issue. Having a newsletter with content that needs to be sent to each new subscriber! After reading through their features I understood, that they could be a perfect fit for me. To do email marketing for affiliates like me and do the affiliate marketing automation.

So, I finally decided to take the 14 days free trial and if you want to know how to make a newsletter in a better way. I really recommend to go on reading.

The issue

I had a newsletter that sent messages to people no matter when they joined. But the content had a timeline. So if a subscriber joined the list 4 weeks after my first email campaign that one just got part 4 and 5 of my 5 week series. Which was a bit less than perfect.

The solution

The solution sounds very simple. Send them the full content no matter when they decide to join your list. That’s the perfect example for an email automation tool

With this tool you can decide what automation will start when your subscribers opt in to your list. 


Targeted marketing: Behavior or interest driven content

You can ensure that your audience only gets the content you want them to get!

Example: If a subscriber gets your first email and there are buttons to click for 2 different topics from your newsletter. The subscriber decided to click button A.

In the automation you can add conditional decisions to move on. If they push button A, they will be moved to another automation where you talk in more detail about topic A. The tool will take care of this and send this content to the subscriber in your defined conditions.

It’s like magic!


Why is the automated way better?

First, you gain so much more time to write stellar content instead of taking care of sending the right email at the right time. Second, your subscribers will stay much longer with your newsletter as it gives them exactly what they want and not generic information!

Automate it!

  • Create an automated newsletter instead of an “usual” one!
  • Benefit from highly targeted readers that more likely convert!
  • Keep your loyal subscriber by driving only related content into their inbox!
  • Gain more time to create stellar content instead of bothering with the schedule!
  • Grow your business with a higher reputation thanks to happy subscribers that are more likely to share your content!

And all of this to a price that is just a few cups of coffee a month!

You want to start targeted marketing now?

Now you know exactly why it is better to create an automated newsletter instead of an usual one.

Learn in my step-by-step guide how to create your own automated newsletter.

PS: Make sure you have the 14 days trial first as you need ActiveCampaign to follow this guide.

Want to learn more about this tool?

If you liked my guide and you want to know more about this tool, just head out to the post for this tool.


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